Johanne M – Worthing

I am 36 year old woman and wanted to get fitter, lose weight and tone up my body.
I had previously tried joining gyms and different classes, but for me it was never really enjoyable so I didn’t stick to it.

I was keen to find something new & when I was asked by a friend to join this fitness group called S.H.A.P.E fitness, I was a little unsure to begin with. One of the classes they run was a Boot Camp… Although I knew the term “Boot Camp” I was a little wary as to what this really involved.

I arranged a meeting with Wayne to have a Pre-Assessment & Medical & I was so impressed by the personal touch and his time that he gave. The Assessment was so in-depth & knowledgeable in terms of understanding my personal goals, as well as Wayne explaining how best to achieve them.
His passion, drive & motivation is what enlightened me… & once I joined, you could see the time & encouragement he gives to every one of us within the group classes.

The day I had the Assessment was the day he turned my life around. Since joining over a year ago I haven’t left once. All the classes I attend are fun and friendly, with not only Wayne giving each and every one of us the motivation, but all the other class attendees too. The support and encouragement is amazing… The laughter and friendliness of the group make the sessions feel like a social event whilst getting fit at the same time.

My body shape has improved all round, my lean muscle has increased, and I have lost a lot of body fat too. I feel like I’m achieving my goals, where as before I would never of achieved this without Wayne’s constant support and guidance. I am so grateful for everything he has done for me, he is an inspiration to us all.

This fitness group is for life and I won’t give up on something that has become a part of my every day.

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