Elaine – Worthing

I am a 39 year old woman that has been attending S.H.A.P.E Fitness sessions for just over a year. I average 3 classes a week and before that i can honestly say I wasn’t one for regular exercise.

The purpose of my attendance for me personally was not so much weight loss , but to increase my general fitness and maintain it..  I think I may have been a bit of a challenge for Wayne due to the fact I did not hide the fact that I did not particularly care for running.. However he persevered with me and I’m glad he did.

Running and the cardio parts of the sessions we’re integral to my fitness levels increasing and i am proud to say that I am now able to maintain a steady pace (without stopping) on endurance runs and my sprints are faster. don’t get me wrong I still have further to push myself, however without Wayne’s support and encouragement I would not have achieved what I have today.

That support and encouragement also comes from my fellow boot campers, no matter what their personal goals each and every one are quick to praise the small or large steps they see you achieve.

I also believe I have continued to attend the sessions I do because it is always varied and working on all areas of my body, this is due to Wayne’s knowledge of fitness and the physiology of the body.

I attend the Ab’s class which I particularly enjoy as I believe this is one of my strengths. ABC which is circuits and is an all over body workout and also a boot camp session which mainly focuses on cardio.

Of course I have times when I struggle and turn up when my heart might not be fully in it. but I believe the fact that I have turned up and I’m having a go shows my commitment , doing something is better than doing nothing right?

Come and join a fun and focused group of people on a journey to achieving their personal goals and achieve yours too.

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